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Friday, February 14, 2014

ReOrganizing the Craft Room - 3

So in my previous post we saw my desk and now I take you to the corner as well as behind me and to the right and to the left.

First up to give you a better idea of my entire workspace which isn't just limited to the desk and shelving above and on top.

As you can see I have a corner piece where my Clip it up that I was fortunate enough to win sits and then to the right another set of adjustable shelves.

And underneath the area where my Clip it up sits are my inks which are set in a cassette holder box that my friend gave me and then on top are my copics

After taking this picture I am ashamed that underneath didn't get painted but I guess since I don't really see it I never noticied it before.

I store my copics in these acrylic boxes from the Container store, I think they are about $3-5 each. I love having them in this and then I just pop on the lid and they are easily transported to a crop.

Now here is the other shelf to my right. I did reogranize this a bit by getting rid of a bunch of jars that held paper flowers (that my bff is happy to take off my hands) and then used some baskets to store my paints, stencil supplies, dies and washi tape. (I basically was using these storage containers before but after reorganizing a few things for aesthetic purposes I had them leftover so I found new uses for them)

I keep most of my dies in baggies that I labeled and put them in a basket and I also have a few in my artbin on the shelf. Nothing too fancy but it seems to work.

I keep my embossing folders in this sterilite container which again works handy when you're headed off to a crop.

And under my shelf is another Ikea cabinet. And the best thing about this is it's shorter than the desk so it fits neatly beside it and not too deep so the drawers from the Ikea file cabinet can still open. I have my Cricut bug right at an arms reach without taking up desk space. I can't tell you how much I love that. And see that hand crafted clay mug, my oldest ds made that for me eons ago and I uncovered it in the closet cleanout so I knew it needed to be seen so I could cherish it, especially now that he is going to be 31 this year.

And if you can read what's in the drawers you'll notice I keep my CB mats in there.

So a brief detour from the room to visit all the places I keep my punches and there are quite a few. I have two drawers for punches that are seasonal or that I don't use that often. Then you can see below I have taken a kitchen storage box from Target and hung them on the wall and keep my border punches as well as a few favorite.

And then I also keep a basket tucked under in my file drawer shelf which holds the most frequently used punches like circle punches.

And now behind me is the window seat that again my oh so talented hubby did for me. He was off at Christmas a few years back and decided to make me this but he loves to do trim work so he got a bit carried away with it and was much larger than I envisioned but I think it turned out great.

As you can see there are more shelf units at either end of the bench seat.

Behind that yellow pillow is where my kitty hides away from everyone that's why it's sitting up to make a semi secluded area for her.

Since taking this photo I added labels to these baskets. They keep my rolls of ribbon, toille, vinyl and little windows supplies.

And back to the closet side, this is the bookcase which got a bit of a make over too.

And lastly to the right of the desk I have two large baskets that hold all my project and pages in progress in giant zip lock bags, acrylic storage boxes and shopping bags.

So that's it. I hope you enjoyed an indepth look at my like craft room, it's not much but it works for me and always makes me happy to be in here and that's what really matters, right?

Now any takers on how long until this is messy again?

I hope everyone has a Happy Love Day!


  1. Great space! Those wall shelves are fabulous!

  2. Your space is awesome, Leslie! I've enjoyed the tour immensely!

  3. Love how you label everything! Your room looks amazing :)

  4. wow you are so much more organized than I am :)

  5. Thanks for sharing such an in depth look at your space! Love the cassette holder for your inks and that bench your husband made is awesome! Have a wonderful weekend, Leslie! :)

  6. You have such a great space. It's so cool to see all the products lined up. And it makes me happy to see someone else with TY bears. I collected them when I was a road warrior, picking them up in airports when I was stuck or long layovers. Can't remember the last time I bought one, but I still love them! :)

  7. What an amazing craft room! I really like those acrylic boxes you're storing your Copics in. I love that window seat your hubby built!!

  8. I loved having a look at your craft room :) Thanks for sharing!