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Monday, February 10, 2014

ReOrganizing the Craft Room - 1

So my bff and I decided to challenge ourselves to re-organize our rooms after drooling over some pretty pictures of other people's craft rooms. These were my before pictures but in all fairness I had already pulled most of my stuff out of  my closet because while I have storage for most things, the closet was a mess. 

I am fortunate that my husband built my shelving unit over my desk with adjustable shelves, as well as a windowseat bench that has storage at both ends plus storage underneath.

My room is a mere 10 x 10. Nothing too elaborate and I am one of those people who likes everything within arms reach and for the most part it all is.

So now you have seen what a mess it was before and now we add a few changes.

First off I needed to get rid of all the wrapping supplies from the closet. These are everyday ones as I keep the Christmas ones outside in the garage in their cupboard.

I purchased the Elfa system from the Container store to hold all the misc stuff I had instead of just piling on top of piles in the closet.

After relocating all the wrapping supplies, I then proceeded to purge myself of stuff I just didn't need or want into two piles; garbage and donations. I think I made 4 trips to the garbage can and just two boxes for donations. Not too bad. I just tend to hoard things I believe I can repurpose and needed to let some of that go. Not all but some.

After 3 trips to Target here is what the closet looks like. I added a curtain from Pottery Barn kids and proceeded to label all the baskets. I also purchased shoe storage racks to give more storage on the top shelf.

Next up I have my stamp storage. Now to confess I already purchased these stamp drawers but added some missing labels (which were added after I took these photos) and just wanted to share with you what I use.

This is a nice insert to have for these drawers, as you can see it holds lot of little embellishments.

So come back on Wednesday and we will explore my desk, the main shelves, storage for Project Life and those pesky embellishments you tend to use with PL.


  1. Wow. It looks like you've been super productive in your space, Leslie! Those shelves above your desk are great, and the curtain you picked up is really cute!

  2. Love how you redid the closet, Leslie! The baskets and curtain look wonderful (as does the rest of your space). :)

  3. Your room gives me hope! Thank you for sharing!

  4. I just love seeing how everyone stores their stuff! :) I get so many ideas! I really love those drawers with your stamps!