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Friday, February 28, 2014

Always Happy

Here is another picture I wanted to redo. And compared with how this picture had been scrapped before without even as much as some journaling, I am much happier with this version. Although I am not all that fond of it and have to ask myself if I will be redoing this page again in 5 years.

I started with one concept, stepping out of my comfort zone and then it went a whole other direction and I just kind of kept adding stuff trying to make it all work, in the end I am not sure that it all did. I think it's just too messy for me.  We are our own worse critics, aren't we?!?

And it just happens to be this little guy's birthday today, he is 22 years old. My how time flies.


  1. Cute! I love all the embellishments and misting!

  2. I think it's such a sweet layout, Leslie! I agree, we are our own worst critics, but I think in moderation it's good as it helps us to learn and grow. Have a wonderful weekend! :)

  3. such a sweet layout!! I love the little bits on the side!

  4. I really like all the bits and pieces you used down the left side! Sometimes things don't turn out the way we envisioned, but that doesn't make them bad! :)