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Monday, October 14, 2013

Halloween Wreath - Complete

For those of you who read my blog on Friday here is my finished product, I think my attempt paid off  and for those who want to know how I did it, read on (or just gaze at more photos).
Since the wreath was white Styrofoam and I didn't want to risk the white showing through I figured I had two options, 1.) paint it black or 2.) wrap it in black duct tape. I chose the second option since it seemed less messier to me. I cut 6 in strips and wrapped at a slight angle. Once that was completed I just need to wrap the boas (I used two for full coverage)

Once the boas were wrapped around I needed to secure them in place. I used these odd shaped paper clips I had on hand (I am sure regular ones would work just fine,) and unbent them then cut them using a wire cutter.

Here is the wreath completely wrapped and pinned, now the fun part begins, adding all the goodies I bought.

I originally thought I would glitter the hanging skeletons and did a test one which made me realize it was too much purple so I opted to recolor the purple spider instead. I also painted glue onto the tips of the black roses to give them a bit of a punch and decided a bit of lavender tulle wouldn't hurt either. I also bought this bow and forgot to include it in the before pictures along with the black cheesecloth netting.

The netting I just cut into strips and adhered along with the other goodies, using the clips to secure in place. And used some black tulle to hang the wreath with. I loved how this looked once completed but felt like something was missing, it just didn't seem to be balanced.

And a better overall look hanging on my door, looks pretty good here, maybe I should keep it.

Here are some closer look at some of the elements

Still not happy that I seem to have a void, I then called my ds who works at Diddams (party store) to see if he could bring me home some small bats which I then hot glued to some bamboo skewers and skewered with some wire to keep their wings extended a bit because they were super floppy and added some glitter to keep with the whole theme of the wreath plus they were super hard to see just black. And voila there you have it, much better don't you think. Hoping dd will love it and pretty sure she will and if not, heck I am keeping it for me.


  1. So creative! Love the touches of purple with the black.

  2. Oh my, that is creepy in a good way, of course! TFS

  3. Your wreath turned out so well, love it!

  4. That turned out so cool!! Just like your inspiration :)