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Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween Spider Cake

Been busy the past week and didn't have much to share for the blog so kind of was MIA, but I finally was able to get a bit more craft and fun time. Today am sharing this spider web cake that was shown in Country Living. I confess I like to bake and it's more of a hobby so I am far from a professional.

This was my attempt and will be taking this to work today for the co-workers. The recipe basically stated to make two box cakes in two 7x4 and and one 4x4 cake pan. Not sure about you but I don't have those sizes and in fact didn't see the need to run out and buy any either so I used two 8 inch round and two 6 inch rounds.

My cake was from scratch; a spiced oatmeal cake and I made some sticky pecan icing for the filling.

The CL cake also said to cover in buttercream but I decided to cover mine in fondant and lastly the most important part is melting 8oz of Marshmallows for 30 seconds and stirring until smooth. Once you did that you basically pinched the stuff between two fingers and pulled so you had nice long strands..I pulled about two feet once I got comfortable with it. I must say 8oz of Marshmallow was too much you could easily half that. I wish I had put the cake on some sort of pedestal because sitting on a plate on the counter was a bit of a challenge to make sure I had enough strands covering the cake.

I made the spider from black fondant (fondant that I had leftover and colored) and make a stab at the spider.


  1. The spider creeps me out, even though I know it's not real, but this is a really cool cake! So nice of you to make it for your co-workers!

  2. Seriously cool cake and I'll bet that would taste great with a cup of coffee!

  3. Im loving the messy icing, I might pinch that idea for my Halloween cake!!

  4. That icing is so neat!! I don't like the spider tho - I hate spiders!! :)

  5. Looks super yummy! I really love the tone on tone spiderweb. Looks awesome. :)