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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Shirts for the 50th Party

Finally got all these shirts done for the party. 9 total I had to make. The girls all get grey tee shirts with pink lettering and the guys get black with white lettering. I originally wanted pink shirts for the girls but for the life of me could not find the right color pink so opted for these grey ones. The guys originally were to have pink lettering and the girls to have black but once my dh heard that he would have no part of it..yup that's my man anti-pink.

Each shirt lets my guests know who they are in relation to me along with some quip. I didn't want to take shots of all the shirts so here's just a sampling so you can see what they look like. Just plain and simple but to the point.

It's hard to read my hubby's byline but it says and (sigh) yes she's spoiled.  That spoiled line gets worked a lot on the other shirts according to who is wearing them. Like my mother's says's I never spoiled her, etc. Playing off on the fact that there is always somebody in your family of siblings that the others claim were spoiled. For me I am the youngest and the only girl so you know my two brothers are going to claim it even if I never saw it that way ;-)

I am cheap frugal and didn't want to pay for all the Silhouette rhinestone paper, setter, etc so I just made a template (made the holes one size larger than size of the stones), set it on my shirt, filled it with the iron on rhinestones, put a cloth over that and ironed on the jewels, pretty easy and didn't need any fancy schmancy stuff! Although if I was to work with rhinestones a lot I would probably make that investment, just for this one little project eh I figured I really didn't need it.


  1. I LOVE these! What a wonderful idea. I think the guests will like knowing who everyone is too. What do the other shirts say? I would love to do something like this, and this is good inspiration. Who else did you make them for? Please post the sayings. :) TFS!

    1. Thanks so much, you are too kind <3

      So I also made the other shirts with these sayings

      My Mom's - I am her mother and I never spoiled her
      My DD's - I am her daughter and I was never spoiled
      My youngest DS - I am the youngest and being spoiled is a state created in one's mind (He's geeky like that)
      My oldest brother - I am the BIG big brother and yes she was spoiled (He is 6'8", both my brothers are older)
      My oldest grandson - I am the oldest grandchild, ignore the other two I am the favorite

    2. Those are so funny. I really think everyone will love it. You have to post a pic of all of you in the shirts. Can't wait to see the final party pics. Loved following this so far!

  2. The shirts look terrific. What a great idea.