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Monday, April 22, 2013

Disney Themed Magnet Arrows

So sorry I have been MIA all last week but work had me working overtime then I had a horrific migraine that just didn't put me back to my old self until Friday. Then I had a play day. I had been itching to make these for some time now and I admit while they're not the best looking they were easy to make and fun.

My only regret is some washi tape seems to be more translucent than the others so when I had to overlap at times it worked for me and at times it didn't.

First off I want you to know I didn't even think of this great idea I merely copied it and put my own spin on it. The credit goes to How About an Orange Blog from there I just thought these would be cute wrapped in some washi tape. I imagine if you just wanted to cut some arrow shapes from chipboard and then wrap with washi that would work pretty well but then where would be the fun in that without making some origami.

I will say I did try this with various thickness of paper and the best was the plain ol computer paper because of the folds you need to make I had the most success with this paper. I also tried the inserts that come with an album when you buy it as well as some thicker plain white cardstock but not heavy duty . The computer paper does make a more light weight arrow and tends to be more flexible although the washi tape does add some firmness to it. I also found running one piece of tape from tip to end of arrow add the most stability or firmness to the overall feel to the arrow. Then you can either continue wrapping in that manner or wrap the body of arrow width wise and I aligned the ends of the tap with the base of the arrowhead and folded over the top, cutting at times when it needed it.

The squares of the arrow were 2.5 inch and 3 inch but you could go up or down a half inch for more sizes or go really large but I wouldn't advise going too small because it's harder to manipulate the folds.

So the instructions are on the How About an Orange blog and after you make the arrows you can wrap in washi and hot glue on a magnet or get some self adhesive magnets. I wrapped mine with Queen and Co Disney themed tape as my daughter's kitchen is Disney themed and she actually has a big ol white board where she writes out chores and daily to do tasks on it. So these should fit in quite well.


  1. Those are so, so cute!
    Sorry about the migraine.
    Those are no fun at all!

  2. What a wonderful idea, love those arrows (and would be great on other shapes too)

  3. Love this idea, some fabulous magnets!