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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Party Games

Thought I would share the games that will be available to play at the party. Basically whenever you have a bunch of {ahem} older type people there is always a risk of injury and/or lack of participation with physical games, but I figured some harmless mind games would be easy enough, especially since most people would have grown up during my era.

I then came up with three games that wouldn't take too much interaction because when you have a large group of people it can be difficult to manage getting everyone to play and running a game in itself can be a challenge so we decided to just let them fill out a form at their leisure and whoever gets the most answers right, wins.

I then had to decorate the boxes with the black and pink theme so taking ordinary shoe boxes I gave each one a little bit of a different design.

And a huge thank you goes to my youngest son for designing, printing and cutting the forms. He also designed the displays that go with each game, he just hasn't printed them out so I can take a picture of them.

So first up we have Name that Tune. Instead of listening to various tunes and getting people to guess what they are we took the top 10 from the day and asked that they guess what order they go in.

Next up is the Price is Right where they have to guess how much each item costs. I plan on putting out the items with tent cards describing the item and giving today's current price to help give a measure of what things cost today.

And lastly we have In the Year of 1963. This is fairly easy. They only need answer questions about events that occurred in 1963 or questions that reference since 1963.

I hope these go over well and luckily I have my youngest son who is quite the motivator to get people to participate. We also have horse shoes and hoola hoops for those who dare to give it a try.


  1. Great games, they should keep people amused! Games like this are always good to get people chatting as they discuss possible answers too. x

  2. The party is going to be loads of fun with decor and games like this!

  3. This is amazing. Sounds like such a fun party. Lucky to have someone to lead them for you. It is all about how you pump it up!