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Monday, April 29, 2013

Party Done, Let the packing beging

Well glad to have that big day behind me. Party was lots of fun, good times with great people and yummy food.
But I have to say it seemed like a whirlwind and hard to believe I even had one. I think when you host a party it is so hard to enjoy it as opposed to being a guest. I really wanted to talk with everyone and was able to spend more time with some than others but hopefully my guests all had a good time. Here are just a few picts from the day.

Now that my part is overwith I have to get crackin on some packin. My mother's gift to me was a trip to Europe. So her and I will be flying out this Thursday for a 2 week vacation to London, UK and Paris, France. I am pretty excited and have to say it hadn't completely sunk in until the party was done and over with.

I let guest look through my scrapbook from my childhood.

 Hubby cooking the ribs..they were delish!

Here I am with my youngest son. He was a HUGE help. So sweet and this guy gave me a gift certificate to a 1-1/2 hour massage..I am beyond floored.

Here I am with my bff. 

This was my bff's son getting ready to smack that Pinata.

And here I am with my dh.


  1. It was an awesome time. What a great party! Happy 50th birthday again!

  2. I wanted to leave a comment last week, but I had company and it totally slipped my mind to take a second and come back. Loved seeing all this party stuff. Those shirts were so awesome. Loves them. The decorations and food looked amazing. Parties are so hard as you said because as the host it's always go time. Hopefully you can use that massage to decompress! It looked like a beautiful day. TFS! Your hard work really showed and paid off looking at the finished products.