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Monday, November 12, 2012

Time out for a Layout

So I have been working on a car album for my oldest grandson from our trip to the Blackhawk Antique Car Museum which unfortunately has been 2 years in the making and I am trying really really hard to get it done for him for Christmas but I have to confess car pages are um how can I put this {yawn} boring, it's hard to get thrilled about them even though they are pretty cool to look at but don't get me started on trying to find pattern paper to coordinate let alone trying to find embellishments to use on I had to take a break and do something just the opposite, cute baby that is something I can get into. So here is one of the layouts of my middle grandson that I created just to break up the monotonous car pages. And note the photo of the pumpkins with the flag that says Zack's photo, well he actually managed to snap a photo while I was hanging him upside down, perhaps he has a photographer's eye because it came out pretty damn good.


  1. Beautiful layout, love the pumpkin embellishment and photos

  2. What a great lo. Lots of pics and details, but not busy. The white border on the pics really helps each one pop.

  3. I love the pumpkin patch pics. So cute.