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Sunday, November 4, 2012

It Is Officially Fall

Well all the Halloween decorations got put away, big thanks to the hubster for that as it's a chore and a half He did most of them but I did help ;-)

Any hoo secretly you know I wish to own my own bakery and having a close call with being laid off at work recently which I was taking as a huge hint that it was time to start looking into this adventure since I knew I was pretty much done with the 9 to 5 or rather for me it was more like 6:30 to 4:00 and I just couldn't see myself at my age starting over and proving myself (FYI I have been with the same company for almost 23 years). So with help from my family we are being to put plans into place, albeit I still offically have a job for at least the next 8 months so if I stay employed after that, the bakery will have to wait until retirement or whatever lay off date comes before I can make that date.

So in honor of feeling the need to bake and it being fall, I made these Apple Spice Cupcakes filled with homemade apple pie filling, frosted with a Caramel Swiss Buttercream, topped with a Vanilla Caramel drizzle and a toasted Maple Leaf made from pie crust and of course sprinkled the whole thing with some cinnamon sugar. It's alot to post here but if anyone wants any of the recipe(s) just let me know and I can either post here or email them to you. (I just didn't want to make this too lengthy here, as if it already wasn't long enough)

There is no way I want to be stuck eating all these cupcakes so tomorrow the majority go to work. Hopefully I won't hear moans of being faced with more goodies since we barely turned the corner on Halloween.


  1. If they groan hit them over the head. I would hug you! Lol. You should start a bakery. I think you could easily sell these for $3 each. All your goodies look so yummy. I'd love you to post the recipe. I am sure others would too. Yum yum. Have you considered selling out of your house to build up clients until you have a storefront? I know some people have had great success that way. Hope your dreams come true! :)

  2. Thanks, and yep there were groans but all with cupcake in hand, these went fast. I will share the recipes but probably not till this weekend. To list everything will take a bit of space. So stay tuned. Oh and can't sell out of my house because we have a kitty and grandbabies, the two things that keep you from getting your kitchen certified..pets and children. But have looked into renting space in a commercial kitchen.