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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sneaking in another layout

Wanted to share one more layout of my cute gs, Zack. When he meets strange people he doesn't know he closes his eyes or puts his hands up over his eyes, so I decided this should be captured, right? Funny thing is he does it everytime he sees my youngest son or his Uncle and he sees him at least once a week. He also does what my dd calls the "stink eye" and I hope to capture that one day as well.


  1. What a sweet layout!
    Love the colors :)

  2. My daughter is our shy one. At 24 she is still the flower in the corner. Everyone loves her and chats up a storm, she is a great listener. She keeps everyone else calm.

  3. adorable! Love the way you did your title around the circle!

  4. Lovely. I like the colors, and the hand Journaling is such a nice touch.