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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Not enough time

Ever felt like that, well that has been my whole weekend. Trying to get cards done and submitted for PaperCrafts current call, planning a dinner for my daughter's birthday, trying to get housework done, trying to get chores done, trying to get some gardening done, trying to get the house baby getting called into work..I just don't seem to have enough time. So for now the house is baby proofed, tied and picked up, the table is set, the cake is done, the plants have been watered, new plants have been planted, clothes have been washed, dried, folded and put away (thanks to my hubby), cards have been sent off for publication and time is ticking down to minutes before my dd arrives with family in tow. I feel bad no time for gift shopping so she is getting {gasp} gift cards and cash along with a home made card and a fabulous dinner of course. Serving Honey, Lemon and Sage Roasted Chicken, home made Mac and Cheese (for the little ones), Caesar Salad (with home made dressing) and the best part....dessert. Pumpkin cake with Brown Sugar Cream Cheese frosting, Candied Pecans (I put those in the middle for some crunch) and a home made Carmel Drizzle..yum! So here is a couple of picts.

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