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Monday, October 1, 2012

One down, Two to go

Ok sorry I am late posting this, with my daughter's birthday yesterday I was still kind of hoping to have this project done and uploaded but alas time got the better of me. Any hoo here is the first heart that I finished for my daughter. I was biting my tongue yesterday whether to tease her with what I had done so far or wait until the final set were done or perhaps keep mum about the whole thing entirely and surprise her for Christmas. So far I have decided to stay mum at least for now and kind of on the Christmas gift part..I may just do that..depends on how much I can keep a tight lip and whether or not she visits the blog and sees the project.

She did love the cake I made yesterday and officially declared this her birthday cake request for all future was pretty yummy, those candied pecans really made it over the top.

Back to the project, so I tried to keep it on the simpler side since the pp had a lot of words in it. Funny I don't know how long I had that pp since I tend to see things and think "oh that's cute, I just know I'll use it on some boy page" (I have two full grown boys now) and here it is probably a good 5-8 years later, but at least I am using up my older product so it's all good.

I plan on keeping the blue theme across all 3 hearts but not all 3 the same and am kind of on the fence about that ribbon, wondering if it needs to be wider..any thoughts?

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  1. I think this is AWESOME exactly as it is! The photo is the focal point of a stunning gift! Your daughter will LOVE these three gifts! Great use for the cake boards - I love thinking outside the box!