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Monday, September 3, 2012

A Different Kind of Crafty

Well in the midst of scrapping this weekend I got the sudden urge to make some blankets for my grandsons. With the help of my youngest ds, we headed to JoAnns (and by the way got the friendliest cashier that helped save me $$$ on my purchases) and opted for some cute dinosaur fabric and soft cozy chenille material. We couldn't find two fabrics that coordinated so decided changing the backs would work. My son declared the blue one should go to Zack while the newborn, Marshall will get green. I have to wait until I see my oldest grandson, Anthony and let him pick his material. I figure it will either be Sharks hockey team of something with red in it.

I have to admit my sewing skills were a bit rusty and I haven't sewn since my dd was a little girl (I used to make all her dresses) so most of my sewing supplies have gone the way of yard sales or's amazing how a carpenters tape measure, pencil and scrapping scissors due in a pinch.

So here are the results. I figure these will hold up for the next 4-5 years. I did line them with some quilting "Warm and Cozy" (I think that was the name of it) these are one warm blanket or I guess sorta of a hybrid quilt.

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