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Monday, April 23, 2018

Going Back In Time

I had a pretty full weekend so there wasn't much of a chance to create anything but I didn't want to leave you empty handed or would that be emptied eyed so I went back and found the very first card I ever made for a magazine. To my surprise not only was it picked up but it made the cover and back then we were compensated so this card netted me $50, not bad for my very first attempt.

The challenge was to sew on the card and I did on the edges, added a Jolee sticker and tied on a few bows. And I believe the pp was from Chatter Box, oh how I miss that company.

I am also sharing one of the last cards I had picked up for publication, soon after the magazine went off line and I for one was sad to see it go. This card also has stitching on it and it's another fairly simple card.

If you liked these be sure to check back on Wed and I will show you the card that got me in a little bit of trouble.

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