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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Homemade Memory Game cards

I found myself with a bunch of white card stock scraps from a leftover project. Now this isn't your ordinary card stock; this stuff is uber thick. It's from Papertrey Ink and it's for making tags so its super stiff and heavy, not the kind you would use to make a card and die cuts would be ok but I decided that I had enough I would make a memory card game. Easy Peasy.

First I cut them to size, then rounded the corners and stamped matching images. At first I thought I would have to cover the backside because the ink would show through but it didn't then I thought what the heck I'll cover them anyway. I debated on whether to modge podge them but in the end I decided not to.

I was a bit apprehensive when I covered them with this chevron pp figuring it would be a tell tale sign but then I realized the ages I was making these for and realized they'll be just fine. Worse case I can just recover them.

After stamping them, all I had left to do was color them and then adhere the cover. I did sand the edges a bit to meld the pp with the card together and since I cut these out with a trimmer and not a die the edges weren't exact matches so some sanding took care of the extra bits.

All in all I think they came out pretty cute, I made 12 pairs which is probably enough for the grand-kid's ages and are now ready for the little ones to have some fun.

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