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Monday, June 5, 2017

Teacher Aides Gifts

So finally figured out what to make my daughter's teacher aides as gifts, these little zipper bags and I already had the perfect fabric, Dr. Seuss.

I only needed to pick up some zippers and something for the inside. I found this adorable red and white polka dot fabric and thought it would be perfect and little did I know till after I started sewing with it I realized it has some sort of water resistance to it, perfect!

Because I needed to make nine bags in all I just did a little assembly line which really works well until you make a mistake, then you make the same mistake nine times. Well frankly I actually made ten bags because you never know when another one will come in handy so that was ten mistakes and right off the bat too.

The first thing I did was sew the bags inside out thus by outside fabric was on the inside and vice versa. So my ten zippers all had to be ripped out..ugh. These were not off to a good start. Took me awhile but finally finished them and I think they look pretty darn cute.

1 comment:

  1. Oh my goodness, as a teacher I would love that!
    Those are amazing! :)