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Monday, July 11, 2016

A Sweet Surprise Times Two

So as I mentioned earlier I went to Oregon and while visiting family I took measurements of my dh's grandniece. She is a cute little thing and she asked me for a Minnie Dress, who can resist an order like that.

I set out on my mission for both Fabric and a Pattern. After researching what Minnie Mouse actually wore I confess I was a bit perplexed because I thought Minnie just wore Red but alas so many pictures of her in pink, what to do what to do..well I think little girls are drawn to pink so that's what I choose.

I used a Simplicity pattern and alas the dress was really long, way too long for what I needed.
So I chopped 3.5 inches off to make it more fitting for a little girl's Minnie Mouse dress. I also added a band because I did see that as a constant in the pictures.

As you can see it's pretty, but long

Here it is shortened, so much more little girl appealing

And while I was at it, I made her a purple tutu because she likes the color purple and what little girl doesn't need to have a Tutu, right?!? But alas I bought tulle by the yard and can you believe 5 yards wasn't enough so I thought I don't want to bother cutting it all up again so I'll just go and buy one of those 6" rolls (actually I bought two and used almost all of it). I brought samples of the tulle with me to make sure the color matched.

Then I get home, cut it into strips and the first thing I notice is it's not 6 inches wide but 5-3/4", close enough I decided. Then I noticed this stuff is pretty thin not as nice as the yardage tulle and while I am noticing that can you believe what else I noticed? The colors didn't match, are you kidding me..sigh. I guess the yardage one is more shimmery and slightly more darker than the roll tulle which  is lighter and more of a matte color.

But you know what? I decided it's a good thing. I undid the top row of what I had tied on already in my original color and did the top entirely out of the new roll of tulle. It looks great and now she can flip it either way for a slightly different style.

And from this view you can see how it's a bit darker at the bottom

Great I am all done and started packing this up to send ASAP and whoops almost forgot a few accessories I bought for her dress.
The package is now merrily on its way and the only thing I wish is I was there to see her open it.



  1. That is one lucky girl — a tutu and a super cute Minnie dress. She is going to be so happy! :)

  2. Oh, my gosh! What an adorable package of cuteness she will get! The dress is adorable, and that tutu! Wow! Her accessories are adorable - you're so sweet to do that! Aweome!

  3. She is going to be so tickled with her gifts, Leslie, they are both adorable! I think the two types of tulle made for a happy accident! :)