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Monday, May 2, 2016

Sending You Rainbow Happiness

Lately I have been partaking in challenges with my friend. First it started out to just help us get our rooms cleaned and organized but lately we extended that to creating cards and layouts and my last challenge was to join the challenges that had going on.

I must confess it was truly fun and inspiring to join those challenges plus you can win $$ to their store, how awesome is that. Turns out I actually did win, twice. First for just posting projects into their gallery and then for one of the challenges.

The challenge I won was based on this PageMaps card sketch

And this was one of the winning cards or one of the winning cards as they select 4 people.


  1. Such a wonderful card, Leslie! Love all of the little pockets of color. :)

  2. Oh, your card is so fun, Leslie, and how awesome you've won a couple of challenges! I keep wanting to get back to participating in challenges because the inspiration is great. :)