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Monday, January 25, 2016

Sewing: Apron

When I was up visiting my father in law over the holidays my husband's niece asked if I would make her an apron for her acupuncture business. She described what she wanted and left the rest up to me. Her basic requirements were that it be black with some sort of Asian accent.

I found a free pattern online and went about making what I thought would be an acceptable apron for her. I must say there was quite a bit of discussion in our family about the number and widths of pockets needed. In the end we felt three was the best number. One for her used needles which was one of the requirements, one for a cell phone which was another and then one for either new needles or for whatever.

The apron was easy enough to make but I beefed it up using some twill material for the main part. I truly wanted a nice sturdy apron that would hold up for the long haul of wearing and washing. The only part that let me down was the tie, It was barely long enough to tie around my waist and I don't know about you but I like something that gives me lots of room to tie. In fact I like to wrap it back around and tie in the front. So I tossed out the black tie which would have been nice accent and fortunately had bought some red bias tape which I used instead. I left it the entire length and now there is plenty of material to tie with.

I was also a bit disappointed on the overall size of the apron. Granted I am 5'10" and this was just too small for me. Fortunately my dh's niece is all of 5 feet so it should be a perfect fit for her.

Lastly I had to add some sort of Asian accent so I found in the Silhouette store the letters for Peace and thought that would be appropriate. Cut those out of heated vinyl and added it on for the finishing touch.

See the nice long tie. 


Here is a close up of those pockets

And the back of the apron. I really love that material of course I am partial to the red/black/white combo as well.


  1. You did a beautiful job on this, Leslie! I love red, black and white too!

  2. Wow! That's awesome, Leslie! I love the nod to Chinese and the fabrics and colors!

  3. Oh wow, Leslie, that turned out beautifully! I agree, I like the strings to wrap behind and tie in the front. :)

  4. This is awesome! I love the black and white pattern. The red is perfect!