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Monday, May 11, 2015

Getting Ready For Christmas

Yes you read that right, I am getting ready for Christmas and given that it's nearly 7 months away I am ahead of the game. Or at least I hope to stay that way.

I decided to keep those previously made zipper bags as Christmas gifts, my son's party stored closed so I bought some toys for the grandkids at deep discounts and I finished two rag quilts. I made these bigger than the one I made for my little granddaughter and I have just one more to make.

I have to say I am kind of sick of looking a Christmas colors. I think I have had an overdose working on these two quilts but I love how soft they are. It's that Minky fabric, but I call it kitty soft..because it's like petting a kitty.

I didn't use a kit this time but found a bunch of colors that seemed to go together, a few of them were Christmas themed so it helped pull it altogether.

And ignore my husband's work boots in the photo, I didn't realize they were there until I went to post.

Here is the backside of one of them so you can see how they are flat on the back but ruffled on the front.


  1. You are definitely on top of things, Leslie! These are darling and so cozy looking!

  2. I'm totally jealous that you're already working on Christmas gifts, Leslie! I love these quilts. So pretty with the ruffles!

  3. These are absolutely beautiful!! With I liked to sew lol

  4. Lovely! I love that fresh green for the holidays!

  5. These quilts are beautiful! They look so cozy.

  6. Oh these are Beautiful!!! I love the minky fabric on them too!!!