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Friday, February 20, 2015

Quick and Easy Birthday Card

I have been soooooo busy this month and it dawned on me that my babies birthday is next week and I still haven't made him a card. I say baby like he's just a little guy, yeah a little guy who stands 6'2" and will be 23 this year..yikes!

Anyhoo I whipped this card up in less than 15 min, seriously I think the hardest part was putting on those enamel dots. And do you know this pattern paper was completely confusing me. The rain drops seemed like the were upside down, I kept rotating the paper, and rotating and finally realized I think it's just me.

It's nothing too fancy but my son does prefer the clean and simple look and if I stick some $ in it, I am sure it will be the best birthday card, ever!

Also here is a little sneak peek at my first dress. I can not find my zipper foot so I am awaiting for my new one to arrive before I can finish. The hem and zipper are the last thing needed, but I can't help but think this needs some sort of tiny flower or rose bud on it so I may have to add that in there as well.
The dress should be at least two inches shorter than in the picture but I may have to shorten it even more. I did make this to fit my grandbaby at six months and it's supposed to be a little long but we will have to see once I get it all pinned up. Enjoy your weekend!


  1. I'm in the same boat, time is flying by, Leslie! Both card and dress are really cute and I hope you find some time to relax this weekend! :)

  2. The card is adorable as is the dress!!