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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Long Lost Layout

As I was tidying up my work area I came across this page half done. I started this when I last went to an Expo and never quite finished it and here it is time for me to go to another Expo so the least I can do is finish this one.

I have to say I am just not feeling to love for this layout but I was feeling very sentimental when the time came to replace my old fridge, not that it really needed it but it was almost 20 years old and I just felt like it was time for an upgrade.

I decided to capture the moment because I don't know about you but I have a lot of fond memories with my fridge, all my kids grew up with this fridge, all the bottles of formula, baby food, bottles of antibiotic, leftovers, birthday cakes and just everyday usage made it feel like part of our family.

So I have been futzing with it for a few days and finally just said enough, so here it is.



  1. I like how it came out, the colours are great and all the embellies remind of things that get hung up on the fridge :)

  2. Lovely color combination. I think your layout turned out great, sweet sentiment for an old family friend (refrigerator). :)