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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Stencils Day 2 - Tracing and Watercolors

So for day two I used a stencil that had small stars on it. This was a big mistake I later learned because the end result was these teeny tiny stars from tracing or rather coloring in with the colored pencil. Then to give it some depth I stamped some slightly larger stars and of course even bigger stars to help this poor card out. Added a bit of bling and a sentiment. Not my favorite but it kind of works.

Next up is this watercolor card and I am going to tell you right was the result of a lot and I mean a lot of mistakes and attempts and frustrations. But through it all I decided I think it workd.

First up I stamped the sentiment and heat embossed it so I could have resist from the watercolors. I used watercolor paper since it is designed to soak up the colors.

I then used this Pinwheel stencil and painted watercolors in the open area. Unfortunately water colors like to blend and bleed and I just can't do messy.

I set it aside and let it dry, then got the idea to paint the remaining white areas and that became even messier so I grabbed a baby wipe and wiped it all over which kind of gave it one big blend. I set it aside frustrated..After awhile I glanced back and thought hey it's not too bad, maybe I can salvage this and spritzed on some Tatter Angels spray and finished it with enamel dots, a big fat pink bow with a bit of toile for accent. I will confess I don't know if I will ever do stencils with watercolors again.


  1. I like the rich colors of the first and I think you achieved an awesome effect on the second! Sorry to hear that there was much frustration involved though!

  2. Wow, Leslie! These are both fantastic! I love the mix of stars on the first card with a few sequins sprinkled about. The background on the second card is so beautiful! You are rocking the stencils!

  3. lol It's funny reading your process (and frustration) for these cards, because I LOVE them. I think they turned out fabulous, both of them. I love the mixed colors on the 2nd card, super pretty! And the star card is my favorite. I'm a star fan in general, but I love the colors and sequins.
    I think these turned out fabulous and you should keep at it!

  4. Both cards are beautiful!! I really love how the blended one came out! :) Evie

  5. These are beautiful! I really love the first one. I love the colors and those stars are gorgeous! :)

  6. I think these are fabulous! I LOVE all of the stars!