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Friday, January 31, 2014

Stencil Class: Day 3 - Embossing Paste

This day was by far the most fun, in fact it's why I signed up for the class to begin with. Embossing paste is like plaster of paris but in a gentler and easier to use form. It's thicker but adds a nice texture, a slightly raised look to the design elements.

To use embossing paste it's best to have a pallet knife to spread the texture over your stencil. Then when you peel back the stencil you have this nice puffy texture. I am sure there are a 1001 videos available that will show you how to do this if you're interested.

The best thing about EP is you can mix in just about everything; paint, copics, faber castell gelatos, powders, etc. You can also apply glitter and let it dry or embossing powder where you can emboss before the EP dries or after. I haven't tried either but they give you completely different looks.

On this card I mixed in copics for the blue and orange but noticed it does change the color slightly. The yellow was mixed with Martha Stewart paint with no color change and I think this was my peferred choice.

This next card I simply used Aleene's GLITTER SNOW Paint because it promised some glitter but eh it didn't have that much. In hindsight I could have just used normal EP and sprinkled on some glitter..oh well, live and learn.

Next week I have 3 Valentine's Day projects to share. 


  1. Oh wow, Leslie, these are awesome, love everything about them! Have a great weekend! :)

  2. LOVE the cupcake! I LOVE those falling hearts and really want to get my hands on them!

  3. Your cards looks amazing. Love what you did with the embossing paste!

  4. LOVE these...the birthday card especially! I should really get out of my box a bit more with some "messy" supplies :)