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Monday, July 29, 2013

Ever Notice

That you have tons of stuff but never seem to remember you have it? That seems to be what I have noticed lately. I was looking for a stamp and opening and going through all my stamp drawers I realized I have a ton of stamps that I never use hardly. So I pulled out 3 sets. I told myself I will put these on my desk and force myself to use them. And once those three sets have been used, I will locate and find three more abandoned stamps to highlight in a project.

So today I have one of those sets. These cute fish caught my eye and since my dh is a fisherman I thought I would use this stamp more..I am ashamed to say, I bought it, stamped one image started to color it and then it got put away..but not today. Today it was used.


  1. Beautiful coloring! Cute card!

  2. Love the shadow of the speech bubble, awesome! Ooo and those fish are adorable!

  3. Teehee, this is such a fun card :)
    Great idea about putting sets in front of you and make sure you use them.
    I think I need to try that :)