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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Back To Business

So I went to Oregon for Christmas, but we don't officially celebrate Christmas until this Saturday. Mostly our trip is to visit with my in-laws and my hubby's family. Basically on Christmas Day we have a visit fest as everyone comes by to have my father-in-laws breakfast (Waffles with Strawberries and Whipped Cream) and catch up by visiting with everyone. It's a bit hectic sometimes but always so nice to visit with everyone since we only get up there twice a year. So when we get home I do a second Christmas which is with my kids and grandkids. This is probably the normal Christmas that most people celebrate with their families. But it's a good thing because it gave me a few days to finish up some crafty gifts. One of which was these hearts.

If you remember I have been making these 3 hearts for my dd. The first one was of my oldest grandson (First Heart,) the second one I can't show you because PaperCrafts picked it up for publication but this is the last one of my youngest grandson, Marshall. I was hoping to get a better picture of him but decided this really captures him perfectly. Mr. Smiley..always so happy and content so it will have to do.

I did show my dd the one heart that was being sent off for publication but she doesn't know (unless she checks in here) what the other two will look like until she opens her Christmas gift.

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  1. So darling! Your daughter will love these. Do you make something crafty for everyone on your list? It's always easy for me to make stuff for my girls, but I have a harder time coming up with boy crafty stuff. Enjoy your 2nd Xmas. :)