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Sunday, December 30, 2012

A vist back to summertime

Today I have an absolutely adorable old Woody album from Pinecone Press. I bought this back in August at the Scrapbook Expo...well first I bought 2 cute bus albums for my grandbabies (one not yet born but was due any day) even though they aren't even in school yet (yep I am a planner and some would say a bit of a hoarder) because they were like nothing I had seen before and lets face it they were just too darn cute to pass up. These kits are way cool. I desperately wanted to buy this Woody album but really didn't have any pictures and I was trying to be logical about it when I mentioned it to my son as it would be perfect for his room and he told me he was heading over to the beach the next day, perfect..he took pictures and I bought the album. And now that all my other scrapbooking chores have been met I finally was able to dedicate some time to completing this. Now what you see is a kit that Pinecone Press sells you and I just embellished it here and there from my ample supplies of stuff.

Hard to tell but there is a small acrylic page where the surfboards are.

As you can see I dug out some sand and shells that I had saved from way back when.

Here is some Magic Scraps glitter mesh that I just unpackaged for the first time to use on this page. Sometimes I love that I hang on to stuff I figure I will never use again, because it always seems to come in handy. And those cute little Jolee Crab stickers never go out of style.

A combination of die cut star fish, real shells and a fish sticker really help to add dimension to the details. 

And my son did love this. You just never know with boys whether you should or you shouldn't especially mine because what's cool one day is out the next. Glad I asked before I bought the album because it sure was hard to resist. I think they sell these albums on line if you are up to completing one or even some of the other great products they have.

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