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Monday, August 20, 2012

What a weekend

Little did I realize that my whole weekend would be monopolized by installing hardwood floors. If you remember I talked my son into a little remodeling and we painted his room, ordered his furniture and the flooring. At the time I ordered the flooring I talked the hubster into doing the rest of the house (3 bedrooms and a hall) because lets face it who likes to look at dirty path worn carpet..and I had reinstalled the carpet it was due for some hardwood.

Well the flooring ended up arriving way later and hubby had a yen for hunting so he went hunting and the flooring sat waiting. But this weekend he knew we would do my son's room and being the good old fashioned wife I offered to help kick start the project. So while he was off buying supplies, there I was pulling up carpet, pad, tack strip and staples, this could be a whole new exercise routine I was thinking.... I must be burning thousands of calories..right?!?  This is no problem, I am feeling good. I then helped my very talented husband install the flooring..ok so I just applied glue and readily handed him pieces as I saw fit but hey I helped so I should get some credit.

After a full day of labor instensive work we should rest right, because at this point my muscles are screaming at me in places I didn't know I had muscles, but heck your not married to me, I was so excited at the prospect of doing our hallway..I told I am not sore..(swallowing advil)..plenty of energy and with that I offered some inspiring and motivating words to my dear kind sweet husband and somehow conviced him into continuing onto our hallway (the poor fellow.) Mind you he still had to install my son's baseboard and then of course my enthusiasm was running over. So I did as my husband calls all the unskilled labor again..prepping the site..but by the end of the day my enthusiasm had ran out and it was all I could do to pull that last bit of excitement buried within the depths of my soul, hiding from the all the aches and pains ..just so I could keep the hubby company and do all the clean up I had promosed (why do I do these things)..Ok I admit it, my hubby was um right..this was way more than I thought it would be..but heck my hallway looks great and I promised him no work this weekend..whoa this was a way longer post then I meant here are some photos of the hallway and of course a few snippets from my son's room. Thanks for reading thus far.

Here is the hall during and after

Here are some elements of my sons room. While you think the gold and black may not work, it really does.

 This is part of his carpet, and the flooring looks a little off here. So here is a closeup on the right.

And here is the paint color. One accent color (one wall) that is teal blue and the other a light blue but has a nice green tone to it so it kind of feels like a sea foam green..just hard to capture with the camera.

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