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Monday, February 5, 2018

Be Mine?

Funny but I tired to use this card base on two other previous cards I made but found it just didn't work. So there is sat on my desk getting pushed from one side to another and I just felt like it needed to be used. Finally I tried putting a black heart and liked the way it look, then added white and figured I was on a roll, I then stamped the be mine but then it just sat some more because I just couldn't find anything else I liked. Still sitting on my desk I started going through my stamps and  pulled out this little monster from Technique Tuesday and thought it would make a great card for one of the little ones. After he was colored and fussy cut I put him on the card and decided it would work. I then added a punch of red hearts and viola I finally got to use the base card, no more getting pushed aside. . 

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