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Monday, May 22, 2017

End of the Year Teacher Gift

Well here we are almost at the end of May and the kids will soon be out of school. I teamed up with my dd to see what would make a good gift for the kids teachers and aides. I gasped when she told me 3 teachers and 9 aides, yikes.

I figured the teachers definitely should get the heart of the gift giving and the aides a smaller thank you gift. I looked around on pintrest and saw the usual stuff. I really wanted this to be something more special than the usual gift card, candy, etc type gifts. I really wanted them to have something they would use and enjoy . Then I spied a canvas bag that someone had used vinyl to apply an apple and the teachers name. Spring boarding off that I saw a engraved tag with a quote I really liked. Then not really wanting to do an apple but more heart related that made me do some image searching and finally after combining a bunch of ideas and then putting my twist on it I came up with these canvas bags.

I really love them, they are not ivory but rather a soft white. They are made really well, a nice stiff but flexible canvas, love that they have an inner pocket, a heft zip tab to zip the bag closed and not just handles to hand carry but also an adjustable handle to put over your shoulder, how clever is all that and there is a 3" box gusset at the bottom. They were about $10 ea, so the price was definitely worth it.

If you are interested in purchasing the bags I bought them here, Book Tote Bag

I am considering having the child who will be giving to their teacher leave his handprint on the inside pocket and then I can use vinyl for their names so it gives it even more of a personal touch.

If I have time I also want to make some cute zipper bags out of some type of school themed fabric.

Now I need to run to JoAnns because I need more vinyl to finish the other two bags, plus still not sure what the aides will be getting just yet.

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