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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Birthday card for a guy

Generating a card for my mom for Mother's Day got me to thinking about Father's Day and well that led to me thinking about my hubby's birthday as well.

Guy cards always do seem to be a bit of a challenge don't they. I really wanted to do another stampscape card but those really take some time since I haven't mastered them. So I decided to just go ahead and make a regular card and if I don't find the time for a stampscape one, well at least I'm covered.

I have to stay this card was going another route entirely but I felt it was too bright and whimsical for a guy so I had to switch it up a little. I am always searching through my bits of scraps for some reason rather than grabbing a full sheet, not sure if it's me being lazy or just thrifty. I found this orange striped pp and decided to go in a somewhat nautical color theme.

The Happy was originally across the card below and well it just didn't seem right so I spun it on the side and liked the look so that's why its running vertical rather than horizontal. Still looking a little plain so of course decided it needed a few enamel dots for a finishing touch. And there you have it one guy birthday card.

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