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Monday, October 3, 2016

Happy Haunting

It's been very busy around my house, specifically in my front yard. We have been on water rationing for awhile and must noticeably last year was pretty evident. Ever since last year we let our lawn go and this year after staring at some ugly landscaping we decided to plant drought tolerant plants to replace our lawn. That led us to replacing some very outdated rock that was on the exterior of the house, which then led to a new gate, and then after further review we decided to add a new walkway which led us to a new driveway which then led to repainting the house.

Be careful what you start because you just never know where it will take you. I am on the downhill part of the makeover. I just have to plant my 80 some odd plants and then it should be pretty much be completed.

Thus my crafting time has been delayed considerably but I did manage to make a few cards for this week.

I have pulled a bunch of stamps, dies and tools out that I want to give some love to. So first I decided to return to a bit of water coloring. This adorable witch is always inspiring to water color. In fact I don't think I have done anything but watercolor her.

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