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Monday, October 17, 2016

Are you Yeti for Christmas

Well Readers I was a big flake last week and you {sniff..sniff} didn't have anything new to look at, and for that I am sorry but I will let you in on a little secret.

I have decided to open up a second etsy shop, and in addition to preparing for that I decided to join a craft fair which was a big step I wasn't quite ready for. This isn't a big fair just big enough to get my feet wet.

So I have been creating like crazy, had to order business cards since I didn't have any of those. Needed a way to display my clothes and an overall theme of some sort to display my table. I needed a card reader to take credit cards and a few other items.

Before I get onto today's card post (or just skip to the bottom) I will show you a few things for my second shop.

I am just testing the waters and am making a few bath products.

Up first are scrubs, for Christmas I decided to make Peppermint but will also have a Vanilla option

Also making Bath Melts

I also have 4 different molded soaps that are still on my to do list and will be giving away these bags with a purchase of 3

And speaking of bags I am busy sewing a lot of zipper bags for my shop and the fair. This is just the fist half . See that star bag, I love it because those stars glow in the dark. Such a cool fun fabric.

And now the Yeti card. I promised myself to stop sewing so I could work on a few cards and MFT goodies arrived and gave me just the inspiration I needed.

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