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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Project Life - Kitty Pages

Another thing I was behind on was my project life. I brought both of my kitty albums as well as my December Daily and sadly I never even touched the DD, so I still need to catch up on that as well.

Here are a few pages that I completed and like most everything the journaling still needs to be completed.

First up Momo. This poor girl has hardly any pages in her album but I did have plenty of pictures saved off so it was easy to create several pages for her.

And a page spread for Houdini. I really didn't add too much embellishment to these pages. I really kind of liked how it looked with minimum add-ons.


  1. These are wonderful, Leslie! You sure have super sweet fur babies!

  2. Ooooh! You know I'm a fan of kitties, but your pages and photos are just lovely, Leslie!

  3. Pretty kitties! I go through spurts where I don't do much embellishment either.

  4. Oh, goodness! Your photos are great! Such pretty kitties!