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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Layout: The Webster Boys

Well it's been a long time since I did a layout. I figured I needed to brush off those skills and make sure I still could.

I had this photo in duplicate, one picture is destined for the family hall of portraits and the other well it was just extra until now.

I was up at my father's in law house after my mother in law passed away and my husband's cousin had gone through her mother's pictures and found this one. I was immediately drawn to it for two reasons.

The first is because ironically I have that very same sort of picture with my brothers so it intrigued me that there was someone close to me who had the very same thing.

Secondly because lets face it who doesn't like pictures of young children and the fact that one of them was my father in law made it even more special.

The photo needed a lot of cleaning up but I loved the sepia tone it gave me after I was done. I also made a print for my father in law and put it in a frame for him to enjoy.

Most of the products are old and if you have a keen eye you will see there is ephemera from Making Memories, that's just how old some of this stuff is. The large font is from my QK Diesel. The Boys is from QK Nutmeg (one of the last few remaining physical dies I still own in the form of an alphabet).  The "the" was cut using the Silhouette.


  1. This is a great layout! Even though the embellishments may be old, they look amazing!

  2. This is amazing, Leslie! I need to brush off my layout skills too. I haven't made one in so long. :)

  3. Fantastic layout, Leslie, love the way you did your title and all of the fun embellishments!