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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Hawaiian Card

This is my very last guy card. The most challenging of all if you can believe it, for my very own 24 y/o son or at least he will be 24.

He is kind of a straightforward simple kind of guy. He doesn't like the cutesy cards too much and I really had to think a bit about what he might like.

I just happened to have been playing with some watercolors and made a background that I was trying to figure out what to do with and I kept thinking of a sunset which lead me to think about Hawaii for some reason or the other and then I found my little Hawaiian stamp that I actually bought in Maui at some point so they just seemed to marry together quite nicely.

I must tell you I am entirely uncomfortable with such a plain card. By plain I mean no 3D embellishments, no popping up anything, no tags, no ribbon or twine, nothing. But when I found the sentiment stamp from Papertrey Ink I kind of just thought this worked. It's really very simple but for him I think it will pass muster.


  1. Your watercolor background is beautiful, Leslie and paired with the sharp black stamping, it looks like a winner to me! I'm sure your son will appreciate it!

  2. Loving the watercolor background with the black sentiment and image stamping, Leslie! I think your son will love it! :)

  3. Love the background and the stamps are fabulous. I can't see that it needs anything else.