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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Mini 4th of July Cupcakes

So I was feeling a bit festive and decided to whip up some mini red velvet cupcakes for work. I also was meeting a friend for lunch and since he doesn't work with me anymore I figured he would love to have his own.

I had purchased this gift box board punch from We R Memory Keepers just for this occasion. I hadn't opened it so I took it for a trial run. It wasn't too difficult but I could see some things needed improvement like using nice sturdy double sided tape to hold it together to help make it less flimsy and to tape down the wings that were created from pressing the edges together so that they would lay flat.
I also learned to take those creases seriously and give them a nice firm and crisp pre-fold. I can see this board punch will be a nice little addition to my toolset because it makes a vast array of box sizes.
This was my trial version
And here is the final product, it held 4 mini cupcakes very nicely.

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  1. You always make such yummy treats, Leslie! Love the way your boxes turned out and thanks for the tips in case I end up with one of these myself. :)