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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Another one bites the dust

So finally finished this quilt I made for my son as a Christmas gift. I was kind of intimidated by the triangles but honestly I took it slow and found that the top went together fairly quickly. What I didn't envision was the hours needed to quilt all those triangles.

This quilt is called a Shark Tooth quilt and I by no means had any creativity to speak of other than I did choose to change the direction of the angles on every other row for the triangles as well as the width of the stitching and stitching half triangles straight rather than angled. Oh and the layout of the triangle pattern.

Now I will have you know that my son saw me make this quilt and when it was done I asked him what he thought of it, his exact words "It looks like something you would buy in a store, but I wouldn't buy it because it's not my style. It looks too childish with the triangles." <insert eye roll> Um yeah he will still be getting this quilt for Christmas and he will just have to learn to like it.

Here is the quilt before I washed it, uncrinkled.

And after it was washed

Finally remembered to take a photo of the back

The whole enchilada

Up close..all that stitching.


  1. Childish? I don't think so! It's so fresh and contemporary and he's one lucky kid. I love it so if he's too embarrassed, feel free to send it to me. :)

  2. What is he talking about?! I agree with Lisa - fresh & contemporary!! You did an AMAZING job on this <3

  3. Wow, seriously awesome, Leslie and I think in the end he'll really appreciate it!