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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

So, if you remember one of my challenges to myself was to use my stamps that sit in drawers and if they aren't my favorite I tend to forget I have them. My solution is to pull 3 stamps out and keep them on my desk so I am reminded to use them. Once I am done, I put them away and pull 3 more. These are my recent stamps. The first one I bought because I just don't have that many guy type stamps and thought this would be a cute stamp to make a card for my FIL..which I did. This will be his birthday card for next year.

The other stamp is from Sarah Kay and I adore her stamps and these were some of the first stamps I ever purchased when I first discovered Copics, needless to say they were long forgotten because I had used them so much. I have a friend whose birthday I missed from all the drama in August so I think I will give this to her. Now on to go find new stamps to use to replace these.


  1. That first one is so hilarious and wonderfully made and the second is gorgeous!

  2. The first card totally made me laugh out loud. That is so my hubby (the saying, not the image, LOL!) :)

  3. Love them both, but the guy one is my fave. :) So funny, and he is sure to love it.

  4. Great cards and perfect paper choices for each. The man on the mower stamp is fantastic!

  5. Super cute cards!! Love the "Lawn Ranger" too funny! :)

  6. Those are amazing cards!
    I am in awe of your coloring.
    I could never do half as well!

    Too funny, I put up a challenge on a blog I an a team member for to use three or more stamps on your next project.
    I feel the same way. I need to use my stamps more!

  7. You have some seriously mad coloring skills!!! I love the first card, it totally made me laugh at loud.

  8. Both cards are wonderfully coloured.
    I like the first one, perfect for my FIL as well.
    I think I have the second stamp...I say think as I have never coloured it up if I do have it...bad, I know.
    I love your idea of keeping out 3 stamps. I keep meaning to stamp each one of mine to make sure it gets used, but haven't done that yet ;)