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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Another Valentine Day Project

I am in the midst of making a new album for my daughter, her last one sadly was lost during a move. I love doing acrylic albums but I realized I bought a heart shaped chipboard album at an expo when Rusty Pickle was going out of business and having just bought some new Echo Park valentine paper I kind of realized I should use it up. So I thought I would show you the last one I did which I did end up teaching as a class at my local lss (I decided it's a lot of work to put together kits and instructions for classes).

I still want to do something in acrylic so I guess I need to go shopping so I can have one on hand when the time strikes, and I say shopping like its a bad thing.

Oh and all the photos are of my oldest grandson, he is 12 (soon to be 13 in what else but Feb) so this album was done way before my newest set of grandbabies.


  1. Very lovely album! Lots of pictures and yummy things used in the album.

  2. So sorry the first album was lost. This is the BW pics. I can relate, my parents lost all our photos soon after I got married (to a flood).

  3. This is beyond gorgeous. What other acrylic albums have you done? I searched the blog, but I didn't see any. :)

    1. Actually I haven't posted here anywhere, but I did a small wedding album for my oldest son, a Halloween album of my oldest grandson and just a couple of other fun albums for me.