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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A sneak peek

Ok I admit it, I love to redecorate. Only trouble is my pocket book and my back can't keep up with how often I would like to do it. I have redone just about everyroom twice in our house with the exception of the Masterbath and the Kitchen, but you know in the back of my mind I already have plans to redo some element of them. So what was son's room. Now this will be his third makeover but honestly he has grown up in this room so the room has gone through various stages of his childhood which is kind of appropriate. This room is from his teen years. For his childhood years, we had just moved into this house so we did a car theme where his black wall was painted half yellow, half black and a white and black check border split the wall. It was of course a racing theme, appropriate for any eleven year old boy.

Before we started on the overahaul we took some before photos. Mind you this room had a ton of painted music logos that he spent countless hours and many a bottle of my MM paints that he used and we were both kind of sad to see it go. I wanted to share with you a few photos of the before room and then stayed tuned for the after photos which unfortunately won't be complete until his bed arrives from PB Teen..and {sigh} it's on back order until end of August. But we did get the paint done this past weekend and the floor should be installed this coming weekend. [yep finally putting hardwood flooring through the rest of the house and his room gets the first installment].  So maybe I can share a few sneak peeks after the floor gets put in. Until then here is a little hint..... he's goin California. So until then gaze upon the before photos.

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