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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Birthday Girl

Well I spent last week at the Scrapbook Expo with my friend and we always do the two nights. The first night is Make and Take and the second day/night is basically an all day crop.

Most of the Make and Takes are really not my style so I tend to just save the product and either reuse them or donate the supplies. I have learned over the years that I do not need my entire room and try to prepare and pack accordingly.

I usually have several things I can do throughout the day and normally I have stamps and copics but during this last expo have decided its a waste to do them because the lighting is too bad. I have a travel light but forgot it but still find when I am tired this is not the best thing to be doing.

What I do find that works, water coloring. It's low key easy enough to do when I am tired and I especially like to do it instead of the Make and Takes. I only need a few supplies to bring with me so its pretty much my go to anymore.

I just paint the panels and then finish them at home. This is the first one I painted. I really love that black and pink combo.

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