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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Valentine Gifts

So I have been Grammy Daycare and watching my grandsons while my daughter returns to work. They both go to school and being the pseudo mom with Valentine's Day coming up and my daughter with no time for much of anything because she is also going to school I volunteered to help her with the gifts for the teachers and aides in the classrooms as well as the Valentine's Day cards for the boys.

I wanted to do something somewhat inexpensive for the teachers and aides, but hopefully different from the typical gifts they receive during the year and thought a nice mug with some goodies inside might do the trick. I went to a few places but saw these mugs at Crate and Barrel. They were perfect. Score!

Then I ordered some assorted teas from Republic Tea company, visited Sees for heart shaped truffles and then my local grocery store for some Starbucks vias. I also plan to make some heart shaped sugar cubes to add to this little package.

The best thing about buying these mugs (7 altogether) was that Crate and Barrel packaged each mug in it's own box, gave me red gift bows and some tags. I took the black tags, cut off the one side that said Crate and Barrel and then altered the other side. I kept it pretty simple, a few punched scallop borders, piece of paper, a foam glittered heart that was left over from an art project that the boys did and a stamped sentiment. Simple but cute. I plan to wrap the entire mug with the goodies inside in a clear plastic gift wrap bag then use the bows to tie it close and add the tags at the top as well.

Lastly the boys Valentine's Cards. Or rather the new way of giving cards I suppose. I had a bunch of these little alien toys and my daughter had a bunch of dinosaurs so we put them to good use. The card toppers I designed in Adobe photo shop and since I already had something I use for my Sweet Kaboodle shop I basically changed it for Valentine's Day, just to keep it easy.

And the back side. 

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