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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Altered Disney Frame

So I have been doing a bit of spring cleaning. Getting my room a little more organized and purging out what I know longer need or want. Doing so I came across this fabric board that I had originally altered to fit my room. However my room has been given a little bit of a makeover thanks to my dh a few years back and I no longer had the wall space for it.

Here it is many many many years ago. Before my hubby built me a wall of cabinets. When my dd came over the other day I asked her if she was interested in it at all. I told her I could alter into a Disney theme to go in her kitchen if she wanted and of course she said yes. Cool, fun project for me and I get to upcycle this board once more.

And here it is after. I used Mickey Flair from Queen and Co along with a bunch of Paper Wizard laser die cuts. And the buttons that had paper flowers on them were replaced with Mickey silhouette heads using a punch.
Unfortunately from this angle you can see the seams far more than I would have liked but until I can find pp that comes in lengths bigger than 12x12 it will have to do. I also hemmed and hawed about whether to add the tulle or not and finally just said do it.

And the glittery buttons I purchased somewhere and just cut the shank off the back and mounted them on a Mickey punch.


  1. That looks fantastic, Leslie, I'm sure it will look great in your daughter's kitchen!

  2. Such an amazing transformation, Leslie!