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Monday, August 17, 2015

Sew Happy Kind of Weekend

What do you do when the weather is Hot, Hot, Hot? You stay inside with the a/c cranked up and sew. Well at least that's what I did this past weekend, along with hosting my youngest grandson's birthday party. Can't believe the little guy is 3. He constantly cracks me up with all his facial expressions and "Oh, Oh Ohs"

And bad grandmother that I am, I didn't take one picture. I can't believe it. So bad. Oh well.

One of the things I made this weekend for the grandbabies were "jammy" pants, superhero themed of course.

I have to say these are about the easiest things one can make. You only have to cut out 1 pattern (fabric folded in two of course) then sew each of the pant legs, then sew the two pant legs together, hem and add a waistband. I was going to add on some twill tape but got lazy and just encased the elastic waistband instead. I think all said I cranked out all four of these in about an hour. Easy peasy.


  1. Those are cute, cute, cute, Leslie! You sew make me want to venture into sewing projects, but I'm still not feeling confident enough to give it a go. Hopefully one day! :)

  2. These are awesome, Leslie! Will you give me sewing lessons? I know some of my daughter's GIRL friends who would love these. They are super hero obsessed. LOL!