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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

It's SOOOOO Fluffy!

Hello my fellow bloggers and readers, I wanted to share this adorable little tutu I made for my little granddaughter, granted it's probably a tad too big for her to wear at only 3 months old but I wanted her to have it when she would be ready to wear it.

This is a no sew tutu, easy peasy! I bought a premade crotched headband from JoAnn's and used about 2-1/2 rolls of 6" wide tuille. I say 2 1/2 because I started with a roll that I had already used for other projects and then bought 2 more but I didn't use all of it, but close to half I would say. 

I then cut the toile in 14 inch strips. I folded my headband in half and placed it onto a roll of paper towels. Then using 4 cut pieces of toile I began feeding them through the holes and tying a Lark's head knot. Basically in every other hole so there were two rows when all was said and done.
Here is my end result and unfortunately I do not have a cute little toddler to model it for you but I think you will get the idea.

Here you can see the rows of knots

And to give you a better size perspective


  1. I can't stop scrolling up to look at this divine creation! My granddaughter will be one next month and would look divine wearing a red one. Her party is red Hello Kitty themed. Thanks for sharing this.I have my crafty thinking cap on.

  2. How sweet, Leslie, but I'm sure it will look even sweeter on her! Just darling!

  3. This is adorable, Leslie! You are so crafty!

  4. So tiny! She will be adorable wearing it.