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Friday, November 14, 2014

Happy Holidays Gold Card

I so wanted to make a card using some gold paint and thought hey it should be easy enough to use with some embossing paste, right, wrong. Do you know when you mix said paint (and I tried several paints and several methods) with embossing paste it dilutes the shininess of the gold which really in my mind defeats the whole purpose of wanting a shiny gold card. I finally smoothed on the embossing paste then applied the paint on top, some stayed shiny and some didn't but it looked much better then any of my other attempts.
Oh look there is that snowflake die again, I told you I was in love with it. I was actually humming silver and gold while I was making this card and that was my inspiration.


  1. Such a pretty card, Leslie, and thanks for the heads up about the gold + paste!

  2. Thanks for sharing the embossing paste and gold tip! Love the snowflake too.