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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Bathroom Rules

I love my silhouette and everything I can do with it. It's so versatile. And I think my daughter loves me being able to make all these fun things for her and the boys.

This project came around after I had seen a funny sign while in England so I knew instantly I wanted to make her a sign for her bathroom given she had 3 boys and when she opted for some blue and orange cups to help her organize her bathroom we both instantly thought Surfing and I knew I would use those colors to make the sign.

I purchased a standard white frame from Michaels and then just cut the lettering and adhered the vinyl, it looks great on the outside of the glass but I did think for those that did not want the lettering on the outside it would be simple enough to reverse the lettering and place it on the inside.

I also made her some larger orange fishes and "Surf's Up" lettering in blue to put on her shower door. She hasn't seen these yet but I am sure she will be delighted.


  1. Love those colors, what a fun project! Isn't the Silhouette awesome?

  2. very cute, you ladies make it harder and harder to keep from owning a Silhouette!

  3. This is so fun! I think it looks great on the outside of the glass. Super cute!

  4. Very cute way to remind the kids to clean up after themselves.